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Web Design and Website Development- the Difference everybody should know

Most of the people who or not aware of technicality behind any website often misuse the phrases “web design” and “web development” repeatedly. So in today’s world while contacting any website services company for your project one should understand what web design is and what is web development. So here is brief insider for all of you on the technical difference that is very essential to know for doing online business.

Difference between Web Design and Web Development

Let us know discretely what is web design and website development, after going through it you can only make out the difference and understand the idea behind web world. There are many Web Design Company and Website Development Company which provide these services simultaneously.

 Web Design:

Web design always deals with how the website look to user, how well he can identify different sections of each web page in a website. In simple words it deals with visual aspect of your work.
To give you a better understanding  let us take example of hotel menu card, here when customer wants to order food he goes through menu to find variety of food that hotel serves. Likewise a web design is user facing menu card where he can find business objective and its services.

A web designer or Web Design Company uses different tools like HTML5, photoshop, CSS3 and javascript, to create unique and stylish web design.

Website Development:

Website development is the core technical aspect of making website. It is backend operation where developers write codes for different functionalities that a website is associated.
A Web Developer use many programming language like JAVA, PHP, .NET to write program. Let me take example of hotel again presenting all dishes that a hotel prepares is done with menu card which is web design in our term but whatever a customer orders it should be prepared and served exactly back to him, this is what developers do. Website developers make all the web pages to work as intended and deliver back the user with what they expected.

To make it more precise here is the infography http://visual.ly/web-design-and-website-development-company-0 regarding web design and website development and how Web Development Company Bangalore provides it.

Accordingly with the above para and info graph you can understand what makes web design different from website development. Hence while choosing any web service make a vice decision as you will know the technical aspect.