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Static Websites vs Dynamic Websites- Better know the difference!!

In internet there are two types of websites one being static website and another being dynamic websites. It is very hard to find the difference between these two types of websites for a common people unless and until they come to know what static and dynamic websites are, how they look and what do they do?

Here is the brief insight on these two kinds of websites present on the internet

Static Websites

The static website is pretty basic and it delivers only information that it contains to the users as it is designed. They can have multimedia designs and graphics along with normal texts. Whenever user opens the websites he will be served with same information. Usually this type of website are developed using hyper text markup language (HTML). If any change has to be made to the webpage it should be done by the web developers and website owner do not have any access to manipulate information on website.

·         Easy to develop
·         Cheaper in Cost
·         Cheap to host
Most of the small business and enterprises who want to make their web presence should opt for static websites

Dynamic Websites

On the other hand dynamic website has the capability of producing different type of information depending on time, date, type of user and locality. Even these websites have capability of optimizing according to what operating system is used and also on type of device whether PC, laptop or mobile. It also gives the freedom for website owners to manipulate information on their own without depending on web developers.

·         More user friendly
·         Easy to update content
·         Easy to handle

These website are created using languages like Java, PHP, JavaScript, Wordpress, Magneto and many other frameworks. Most of organisation that has their business online like eCommerce business makes use of these types of websites.


Either it is static or dynamic both serve the same purpose of online presence but with different functionality. Few years back more business were having static websites as their physical business was offline but now all have realized advantage of having dynamic website and bringing their business online as more and more people are using internet.

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